Sunday, October 14, 2012

Kickstart with gel printing

I needed a simple creative kickstart, so I tried gelatin mono printing. Here's my gel plate recipe:
-Mix one cup cold water with about 5 packets of Knox gelatin
-Add about 4 cups hot water
-Pour into a cookie sheet to about 1/2 inch deep
-Let set on counter until gelled enough to pick up without spilling
-Chill in refrigerator--or outside if the temps are cold, as mine currently are!

I dribbled Jacquard Textile paints on the surface of the gel and then used a Speedball brayer to spread the paint.
I drew the design with my finger.

I carefully laid the Kaufman Pimatex PFD cotton
onto the gel and rubbed gently.

Here's the fabric after the monoprint.

This was the series of the morning.  I also created texture with bubble wrap and a wine glass.
  These will be heat set and overdyed.

Of course, little helpers also want to give it a try!